We Are Special

Expert gastronomic know-how, dedicated R&D team, wide distribution and purpose-built state of the art falafel production facility: that's why we are the leader in the World of Falafel!

Perfect Dietary Balance

Our falafel combines premium ingredients with expert know-how. Each bite is high in protein, fibre and other healthy nutrients, and is very, very low in fat. We only use the highest quality chickpeas and broad beans, a long list of delicious vegetables, the freshest herbs and over a dozen spices. We only make food that we would be happy for our own children to eat.


We carry out regular extensive market research in each locality where we have clients. This focuses on everything from changing culinary tastes to what our end customers are looking for and changing market trends to what our clients require to be more successful and in a position to respond to end-customer needs and wants. Our R&D process and the constant feedback loop we have established with our clients leads to product innovation that delivers first-class results.

Product Innovation & Testing

Our Product Development Team constantly innovates in terms of products and flavours, leaving end customers very happy and creating loyal, repeat customers. London Falafel® is the result of a rigorous gastronomic process and customer focus groups. We also develop complementary products and various flavours to enhance the main line item, therefore helping our clients to maximise customer satisfaction and profitability.

Sourcing and Sustainability

Our Procurement Team scouts the globe for the highest quality superfood nutrients, exotic tastes and freshest ingredients. We only work with producers who provide the highest quality products and integrated sustainability in their business practices. We never compromise on quality and positive environmental impact principles. This is simply because top quality products and highly effective business habits result in longevity and consistent growth both for our partners and the London Falafel® brand.


There are myriad ways to make falafel and other food items. However, there is only one way to make London Falafel® and it is the best falafel you and your customers will ever taste. Our Production Team consists of highly skilled individuals who have produced an innovative production line that has an impressive throughput without ever compromising on quality, taste or health. From handling ingredients to forming and frying, from packaging to storing the end product, we have perfected the art of falafel making. You are more than welcome to visit our facilities to see our production first-hand.


Depending on our customers’ needs, we have several ways to refrigerate and store our products. Whether it is frozen or chilled our Sales Team will meet your needs. We keep a small amount of stock in our facilities for emergencies, quick restocking and new clients. Otherwise, all our products are made to your order to ensure their freshness. Our Sales Team and Production Team work in tandem to ensure you are never left without London Falafel® no matter how many times you wish to restock.

Only the Best

London Falafel® has a team of expert chefs, talented management and support staff. Every single person in our team is highly experienced in their respective fields.

From London to the World

London Falafel® is distributed across Europe and beyond. From the UK to Germany, France and the Scandinavian countries, we are rapidly expanding our distribution. Please talk to us if you wish to be part of our exciting falafel revolution.

Little to Large

London Falafel® has a dedicated production facility in Europe. This means we can consistently deliver the best products, on time, anywhere, regardless of order volume.


We would be delighted to hear from you!