Storage & Packaging

From London... to the World!

Depending on our customers’ needs, we have several ways to refrigerate and store our products. Whether it is frozen or chilled, our Sales Team will meet your needs. We keep a small amount of stock in our facilities for emergencies, quick restocking and new clients. Otherwise, all our products are made to your order to ensure their freshness. Our Sales Team and Production Team work in tandem to ensure you are never left with out London Falafel® no matter how often you wish to restock.

London Falafel® has a dedicated production facility in Europe. This means we can consistently deliver the best products, on time, anywhere, regardless of order volume.

Wholesale packaging:

  • 1kg frozen product
  • black plastic PET freezer safe rigid tray (260x178x100)
  • shipped in freezer truck
  • freezer storage
  • to use defreeze for up to 10 hours in chilled environment straight before frying/reheating
  • product is available half-cooked or fully-cooked, upon request

Retail packaging:

  • 200-240g chilled* ready to eat product (8 falafel pack)
  • black plastic tray PET/PE tray (232x146x27)
  • shipped in refrigerated truck
  • refrigerated storage
  • to use reheat in microwave, frying pan or oven

* also available as frozen


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