About Us

“Excellence is never an accident” Aristotle

London Falafel® is an exciting and rapidly expanding food brand, which aims to become UK’s and Europe’s leading falafel label. Our company may be young but the history of our product dates back over a thousand years.

London Falafel® will change your perception and experience of vegetarian and vegan food. London Falafel® is a brand that delivers luxurious, delicious and all-natural “free-from” falafel that makes you relish every bite.

Our team is comprised of experts who are contributing their unparalleled experience to make London Falafel® the leading brand in the UK and Europe. Our consistent and unwavering professionalism, dynamism and enthusiasm are what make London Falafel® unique.

We are based in central London and have a strong presence throughout central Europe. We export our products to Europe and beyond. From the UK to Germany, France and the Scandinavian countries, we are rapidly expanding our distribution. Please talk to us if you wish to be part of our exciting falafel revolution. We are always happy to answer your questions and build long-lasting and fruitful business relationships.

The History of Falafel

‘Tasty little thing’ is the literal translation of the word falafel. We feel that this is a perfectly fitting description. In some cultures it also means ‘food’, capturing how food should look, feel and taste.

It is rumoured that over a millennium ago, monks in Egypt discovered falafel spread from Alexandria to Mesopotamia and beyond. In 1940s falafel started growing in popularity in the UK.

Falafel is what you make of it. Monks in Egypt still eat large amounts of it during religious ceremonies and celebrations. It is a healthy and filling street food in the Middle East. It is one of the most popular vegetarian/vegan lunch choices in the UK and US. It is a hipster food in Germany and France. Falafel even made an appearance in the popular TV show ‘Suits’ as a peace offering by high-flying corporate lawyers. Now, as a result of London Falafel®, it is also an artisanal food available to everyone. Have you tried our falafel yet?


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